CCFC recognizes that the City of Chilliwack is on the unceded territory of the Stó:lō People.
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Please review our mission, principles of membership, and code of conduct below. Your membership is subject to approval.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote acceptance, diversity, and positive change in Chilliwack through progressive thinking, innovation, collaboration, and action. CCFC believes in being fully inclusive of all races, ethnicities, cultures, sexualities, genders, abilities, faiths, and non-faiths.

Code of Conduct

Members in good standing under the bylaws of the Chilliwack Citizens Coalition Society have agreed to, and follow, the Constitution/Mission Statement and the Principles of Membership.

Members in good standing shall not: 

  • speak on behalf of the society without Board permission to do so,
  • start any projects, initiatives, or actions in the CCFC name without Board permission to do so,
  • post or comment online or within social media platforms, or in any public formats, in ways that contravene the values of the CCFC Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, or Constitution,
  • cause the reputation and integrity of the society to be degraded,
  • use the name, logo, or content of any CCFC materials for any initiatives without the permission of the Board, beyond sharing CCFC-generated promotional material created for that purpose.

Depending on the severity of an incident, a participant in the CCFC social media groups, events, committees, paid memberships, or Board who has contravened the Principles of Membership or values of the CCFC Constitution/Mission Statement, or Code of Conduct may

  • be made aware of the impact of their actions or statements in an attempt to have them clear up misunderstandings,
  • be encouraged to listen and learn more from those with lived experience,
  • be asked to re-word or retract statements,
  • be asked to apologize to those harmed,
  • have their ability to comment on online posts curtailed,
  • be removed from CCFC groups, committees, membership, or CCC Board positions.

Principles of Membership:

  1. Members of CCFC must familiarize themselves with the membership bylaws of the society as outlined here.
  2. CCFC is inherently a politically progressive group. We are nonpartisan and are not affiliated with any political party, nor any faith group, nor any other particular service group or agency.
  3. Members of CCFC recognize that we live, work and play on the unceded and traditional lands of the Stó:lō people, including  the Aitchelitz, Cheam, Kwaw kwaw apilt, Pilalt, Shxwha:y, Skowkale, Skwah, Soowahlie, Squiala, Tzeachten and Yakweakwioose First Nations. We believe that grass roots organizations and all levels of government must take concrete steps towards reconciliation and decolonization. There is no room for anti-Indigenous sentiments within CCFC.
  4. Members of CCFC uphold the values and rights enshrined in the BC Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  5. Members of CCFC believe in the inherent equality of all genders. There is no tolerance of sexism and misgendering within CCFC.
  6. Members of CCFC believe in complete acceptance and full equality of members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. There is no tolerance of homophobia and transphobia within CCFC.
  7. Members of CCFC believe that climate change is a crisis caused by human actions and must be dealt with at grassroots, municipal, provincial, and federal levels.
  8. Members of CCFC believe that compassionate services to prevent and treat drug and alcohol addiction, via harm reduction strategies and treatment facilities, are vitally necessary in our region. We believe that we must work to eliminate the stigma attached to addiction.
  9. Members of CCFC believe that we must work to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health struggles and that our region needs increased access to mental health services.
  10. Members of CCFC believe that immigration and multiculturalism strengthen our community and that CCFC must be a safe space free of anti-immigration, racist, or bigoted sentiments.
  11. Members of CCFC believe in the best practices principles of Housing First as strategies for poverty and homelessness prevention. We believe that we must work to eliminate the stigmas attached to poverty and homelessness.
  12. Members of CCFC believe in and advocate for truly affordable housing options to counter exorbitant market rental and ownership in the local area, and that timely solutions need cooperation amongst grassroots, municipal, provincial and federal partners.