Working Together to Promote Acceptance, Diversity & Positive Change in Chilliwack.

Join Us & Help Make Change

In order to focus our efforts, we have streamlined our concerns into intitiatives.

We’re a grassroots group of activists who are serious about advocating for a healthier environment, community, and action on climate change. To accomplish this, we organize to demonstrate to local leaders and governments that we expect action.

Food Security

CCFC aims to create a more equitable and sustainable food system in Chilliwack by increasing access to healthy food for all community members.

Clean Water

CCFC's goal is to prevent the pollution of water sources in Chilliwack from industrial waste and other environmental factors by teaching people about the dangers of pollution and the need to protect the environment.

Affordable Housing

CCFC is trying to make sure people have homes they can afford in Chilliwack by advocating to the government at all levels and working with local organizations.

Climate Change

CCFC educates and advocates for climate action to create a sustainable future, our efforts engage and empower local communities to take preventative measures against the effects of climate change.

Toxic Drugs

Chilliwack is facing a dangerous and toxic drug epidemic, but CCFC is confronting the crisis head-on by advocating for change in government harm reduction strategies.

2SLGBTQ Equity

CCFC aims to create an inclusive and accepting community for all, with a focus on the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, through advocacy, education, and collaborative efforts with similar groups.

When People Help People, Change Happens

With the help of people like you, CCFC raises funds, item donations, and campaigns for the citizens (and non-citizens) of Chilliwack and their local issues. Get involved in one of our campaigns!